SEFF Week 2024

Event / Pilot Info

Welcome to SEFF 2024. Come and enjoy a great week of fun, fellowship and flying. As we did in 2023 , we have the field set up so that you walk out and fly and have a great time. Treat this as you would your home field.

Flight Line Flightline Layout

DLG may launch from any location.

Float flying will be open anytime.


All AMA safety codes will be observed during the event. AMA, MAAC or Park Pilot AMA License is accepted and mandatory for all pilots. This will be checked at registration, where pilot badges will be issued and required to be worn to fly at this event. 


Food – Katie’s Soul Food will be the food vendor.  There are also plenty of places to eat in town.  Grocery stores available to do your own cooking.

Battery Charging Services

There is a charging station at registration for everyone’s use.

RC Radio Management

  • Most folks are now on 2.4GHz and this is not an issue.
  • If you are going to do fpv frequencies, please check at the registration area for current information.


Official SEFF T-shirts are available in all sizes. We will be selling shirts with famous Corsair on the back. We are going to have available different colors this year: White, Red, Blue. We will be selling shirts with the SEFF pilot Logo.  If you would like a shirt, it's recommended that you order at time of preregistration, as there will be a limited number of shirts available for sale at the event. You will receive your shirt order when you arrive and register at the event. Sizes: S,M,L & XL are $15, 2XL & 3XL are $18.

Show Central

Show central will be the location for our Sponsors.  Vendors have a choice as to be located near show central or out on the flight line.  Just ask around if you are looking for a specific vendor and most folks will know where they are located.  A big Thanks to our Sponsors - FlexInnovation, Horizon Hobby and TGK Connectors.

NOTE:  The only businesses allowed to market their company or products at this event are our Sponsors and Vendors. If you want to sell product at the event, you must be registered as a Vendor.   We will be happy to install a banner on the flightline for all our sponsors/Vendors.  No marketing materials or products can be given out or sold at the event without prior approval by the Event Director.

Press Passes

Please email the Event Director, Bob Barnard for a press pass.

Ice For Sale

Will be sold at preregistration.

SEFF Week 2024

Event Fees

Pilot Fees

Monday - Saturday


Tuesday - Saturday


Wednesday - Saturday


Thursday - Saturday


Friday & Saturday


Saturday only


AMA members 18 years old or younger


Camping Fees

Due to so many regular attendee’s, we have had to do a pre-preregistration for those folks to keep their regular spots. We know many of you have been coming the last several years, and yes you are counted as family, but we honor the campers that have been coming in seniority. We have very limited 50/30 amp hook ups. We have plenty of 20 amp hook ups. Below are the camping hook ups. When we are sold out of a hookup, it will be closed to anymore registrations. You can opt for the next hookup or may bring a generator. The generator MAY NOT exceed 65 dB’s at full capacity. Mel has kept the records for years and we have a layout of where most folks stay and will try to honor those locations.

50 Amp Hookup

$50 + $40/day with 5 day minimum

30 Amp Hookup

$50 + $30/day

20 Amp Hookup

$50 + $20/day

No Hookup

$50 + $10/day

20 Amp Hookup

$30 + $20/day

No Hookup

$30 + $10/day

SEFF Week 2024 Special Events

BBQ Dinner
Friday Night

You know Southern Hospitality isn't complete without throwing a BBQ! Around 6:00pm Friday evening we will be serving the South's finest BBQ dinner. Come enjoy great BBQ and fellowship as well as our grand prize drawings. The cost is $15 per person, and tickets can be purchased on the pre-registration form. You must purchase your tickets in advance so that we know how much food to have available. Artfully prepared by the SEFF Grill Masters.

Menu: Pulled Pork, slaw, chips, baked beans, cookies, tea, lemonade, water and maybe something special.

Thursday, Friday

Dependent on weather.

Ultimate Destruction

We will be holding Ultimate Destruction Combat on Friday after the Noon Demo. Any air worthy plane can fly in this event. Battery size limit is 1320mAh 2 or 3 cell.

Once the horn blows, is full contact with the other planes.. As you are out, step away from the flight line. Any model involved in an impact hitter/hittee scores a point via judges official tally (not pilots). Both, or multiple plane score per impact. The winner will be declared by most impacts and is still air worthy. In the case of a tie, pilots will draw straws from a clenched fist for shortest.

Detailed explanation of the Rules for this event will be briefed before each event.

Ric Vaughn No Excuses

"Ric Vaughn No Excuses" sailplane, Limited Motor Run (LMR) Competition. Thursday from 11am - 3pm. No Additional charge. Trophies and bragging rights for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be provided at the BBQ.

This will be the year you want to win!!!

Rules are:

  1. Any electric power plane.
  2. Any electric motor.
  3. Any battery up to 50 volts.
  4. 3 flights of 12 minutes.
  5. The first two minutes of the flight is a "motor run window" where you may turn on or off your motor as much as you like. Then you thermal for 10 minutes and land at exactly 12:00 minutes total inside of a 20' radius circle.
  6. The airplane must be usable for another flight for the landing to count for 10pts.
  7. How hard could that be?


DLG's may launch from any location. Talk with Bob Barnard for bungee launch planes.

Lake Flying

Lake flying will be open at all times. Please announce when crossing the runway.

"Extreme Speed"
and Special "Things"

If you have a special plane, fpv or helicopter that is very unique and you would like to show it off. Please contact Bob Barnard and we will make arrangements for a special flight time. Please note that you may not Maiden a vehicle during this time.

Will have "Extreme Speed" .if we have enough interest. In the event we do not have enough interest we will then do "EXTREME SLOW". Will see who can go the slowest in a 3 minute timed event.

Also, if you are planning any type of craziness, let Bob Barnard know please.

SEFF Prizes

We will hold drawings for SEFF Prizes – TBD and announced at pilot briefing each morning @9am. Many thanks to the sponsors and vendors for supplying the prizes for the raffle.

Each Pilot that Pre-registers will receive five free SEFF Prize Tickets, additional tickets may be purchased for the raffle at the registration area. All tickets purchased in advance will be pre-stamped with your Pilot number on them and can be picked up at time of registration.

Additional SEFF Prize Tickets will also be available for sale at the event for:

50 Tickets for $35.00
100 Tickets for $50.00
200 Tickets for $75.00

We will hold drawings for the SEFF Prizes as follows:

  • Thursday: Drawing at 2pm for Bronze prizes only.
  • Friday and Saturday: Drawings for Bronze, Silver, Gold Prizes @ 11am, 2pm, & 4pm. There will be no drawing during the noon demo’s…so everyone can enjoy the show.
  • You must be present to win, you have until 5:00pm to claim your prize for that day.
  • A special drawing will be held Friday evening during the Barbeque Dinner for the 2 Platinum prizes and Radio Draw. We will limit one prize per ticket holder.
  • Thank you for helping support SEFF by purchasing Donation Drawing Tickets
  • Subject to change.

Notification of Numbers drawn

In order to make sure everyone will be aware of the Winners, the Staff will have a Sign Board with numbers posted on the hour for each drawing. The winning Pilot Numbers will be called over the PA, so pay attention.

NEW RULE: the pilot must be with the ticket pulled. In other words, you must be present, in body, phyically in person to claim your raffle prize.


RV/Tent Camping

Please register online to reserve your camping spot. You may show up at the field to camp, but there are no guarantees for a hook up.
You will check in at the Registration desk and the RV/Parking Host will guide you to your camp site.
We will be providing pump services on Monday and Thursday. Please see Bob Barnard or the Registration Desk for a pass to be displayed for this service.

We ask that you shut down your generator from 10pm until 7am. This is not a rule, just a request for those who can do so. However for the benefit of your neighbors, if the noise is at an unacceptable level you will be required to turn off your generator or move to another RV Parking Site as directed by our Staff.

We are not a dedicated campground, so to operate this excellent RC event, some consolidations/considerations need to be made in order to accommodate everyone.

RVs and campers will be pitched reasonably close together in order to make space for everyone.

No RV will be parked on the first row of the pit area.

Pop-up campers are classified as an RV, not a tent, basically, if it has wheels it is an RV.

Generator Operation and No Generator Camping area

Generators are allowed anywhere on the property. Please mention if you would like to secure an RV/camping spot in that area when you check in or to Mel Scoggins prior to arrival (see below). All generators should maintain a maximum sound level of less than 65dB at 10 feet under full load.


No open ground fires are allowed at SEFF, Fire pits however are allowed, please do not leave fires unattended. Please remember that Mac graciously allows the Fayette Flyers to Host SEFF at His field. Please make sure that if you have a raised fire pit that you take the necessary precautions to ensure the least amount of damage to the sod below.


There are four full bathrooms attached to Macs Shop, Hot showers are provided for use 24/7 at no extra cost. There are portapotties around the field.

Ice For Sale

Ice For Sale at registration desk.


Days Inn Americus

*The Official Hotel of SEFF*

  • 1605 E Lamar Street
    Americus, GA, 31709

Days Inn Americus
A Unique Lodging Alternative

Americus Garden Inn Bed & Breakfast

(By advance reservation only)

Americus Garden Inn Bed & Breakfast

SEFF Week 2024 Program

Monday 22th

9 am

Pilot Briefing

Tuesday 23th

9 am

Pilot Briefing

Wednesday 24th

9 am

Pilot Briefing

Thursday 25th

9 am

Pilot Briefing

11 am - 3 pm

"Ric Vaughn No Excuses" Sailplane, Limited Motor Run (LMR)

Friday 26th

9 am

Pilot Briefing

12 Noon

Flight Demonstrations by our Sponsors/Vendors (Noon Demos)

1 pm (after demos)

Ultimate Destruction Combat

6 pm

BBQ Dinner, Drawing & Awards for LMR Contest

Saturday 27th

12 Noon

Flight Demonstrations by our Sponsors/Vendors (Noon Demos)


Thank you for attending, hope to see you next year

Vendor Registration Information

Thank you for taking the time to inquire about sponsoring or vending at the world’s largest electric fly-in. We appreciate the support from all our Sponsors and vendors and look forward to a great year.

How Your Company Can Participate

If you have any outdoor banners they you may want to advertise. Please clear with Bob Barnard, [email protected]

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and/or vendor please contact Bob Barnard directly. [email protected]

For Vendors wishing to display and sell their product, please contact Bob Barnard. [email protected]

NOTE: The only businesses allowed to market their company or products at this event are our Sponsors. If you want to sell product at the event, you must be registered as a Vendor in one of our Vendor Mall areas. We will be happy to install a banner on the flightline for all our sponsors/Vendors. With the exception of your assigned Vendor Mall area, no banners, flags, signs, etc. for commercial enterprises are allowed anywhere on the property unless approved by the Event Director. No marketing materials or products can be given out or sold at the event without prior approval by the Event Director.

Flight Line

Flightline Sponsor/Vendor Location

There will be show central locations for our Sponsors and Vendors. Bob Barnard works with Sponsors as to the size area needed for the tents and parking.

Vendor area’s are 10’ wide x 50’ deep to accommodate the front display tent and parking to the rear each vendor. As a vendor you may rent 1, 2 or 3 spots if needed, but you will need to clear with Bob Barnard as to the cost.

Rental tables are not provided for vendors.

  • Vendors will need to keep their area as clean as possible and please clean you area when you leave so Mac does not have to. (he hates trash as much as cigarette butts)/li>
  • There are no limits to the number of days or hours of operation in your area, enjoy the evening activities from your store front.
  • Vendors on the Flightline will be responsible for any damage caused by their tents or property to another Vendor’s property.
  • Designated walkways will be established between Vendor and pilot areas on the Flightline.
  • If you would like to rent a tent and chairs, please contact Macon Tent Rental @ [email protected] Brian. Please coordinate with Bob Barnard the location of your Sponsorship/Vending area so he can direct the set-up of the tent.
Flight Line


Pilot Registration

If you are a Sponsor/Vendor and plan on flying, you must register. Either online or at the event. Thank you.

Display your banner or flag on the flightline

Banners/flags being shipped must be on site by April 20th for the event staff to install. If you want your banner or flag shipped back to you…you will need to provide us with a prepaid shipping label. Banners must be no taller than 3 feet, made of heavy duty material, and have grommets installed in all 4 corners (please have center grommets installed on banners longer than 6 feet).

Ship banners to:

Bob Barnard
428 Neil Hodges Rd
Andersonville, GA 31711

If you bring your banners/flags, you may display them on the flight line banner row out in front of you vending area. If you have others you would like to have placed around the site, please see Bob Barnard to have them placed.

Flight Line

Contact the SEFF Director

Bob Barnard can be reached on his mobile: 770-527-7835