Special Events

Friday Night BBQ Dinner

Well, you know Southern Hospitality isn't complete without throwing a BBQ! Around 6:00pm Friday evening we will be serving the South's finest BBQ dinner. Come enjoy great BBQ and fellowship as well as our grand prize drawings.   The cost is $15 per person, and tickets can be purchased on the pre-registration form. You must purchase your tickets in advance so that we know how much food to have available. Artfully prepared by the SEFF Grill Masters.
Menu: Being Decided



Ultimate Destruction Combat - paint ball

Because of the success of this event, we will be holding it starting thursday, friday and saturday at 1pm for 20 minutes. Any air worthy plane can fly in this event. Battery size limit is 1320mAh 2 or 3 cell.

Start the horn with full contact as well as paint balls being shot at the planes.. As you are out, step away from the flight line. When the plane/pilot count gets to 6, judges will be assigned to each pilot, counting impacts upon the second horn for the final 2 minute countdown. Any model involved in an impact hitter/hittie scores a point via judges official tally (not pilots). Both, or multiple plane score per impact. The winner will be declared by most impacts. In the case of a tie, pilots will draw straws from a clenched fist for shortest.

Detailed explaination of the Rules for this event will be briefed before each event.

LMR - Ric Vaughn No Excuses

"Ric Vaughn No Excuses" sailplane, Limited Motor Run (LMR) Competition. Thursday from 11am - 3pm. No Additional charge. Trophies and bragging rights for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be provided.

This will be the year you want to win!!! 

Rules are:
1. Any electric power plane.
2. Any electric motor.
3. Any battery up to 50 volts.
4. 3 flights of 12 minutes.
5. The first two minutes of the flight is a "motor run window" where you may turn on or off your motor as much as you like. Then you thermal for 10 minutes and land at exactly 12:00 minutes total inside of a 20' radius circle.
6. The airplane must be usable for another flight for the landing to count for 10pts.
7. How hard could that be?


DLG's may launch from any location except the Heli area.  There will be a dedicated area on the east end of sport/park flyer run way for bungee launch planes.

Lake Flying

Lake flying will be before 9am and after 5pm each day.

"Gaggles", "Extreme Speed" and Special "Things"

If you have a special plane, fpv or heli that is very unique and you would like to show it off.  Please contact Bob Barnard and we will make arrangements for a special flight time.  Please note that you may not Maiden a vechicle during this time.

Each day we will announce "gaggles", flight line and time it will happen.

If we have enough interest we will do "Extreme Speed", let Bob Barnard know if you are interested.

We are open to hearing from you the pilots what you would like to do.  Some suggestions have been - Cubs, Rashcal's, warbird, extreme speed, 3D hover.  Let Bob Barnard know your idea's and we will try to make them happen.

Also, if you are planning any type of craziness, let Bob Barnard know please.